Week 3 – Movie Night (29.09.2014)

This week theme is Movie Night. The couple can choose one song from the movie that they like to do the routine. But for sure, this week is full of surprises. From Kevin Hart as a very generous guest judge who gave a lot of 9 and 10, the three couples in jeopardy, plus the couple who eliminated this week. This is reality-tv show, full of drama and you never know what will happen next.

For some of potential couples, they are getting better this week. For others, there is an improvement especially on the technique. But we have to admit that body stiffness and age are really the limitation for some celebrities. Let’s say Antonio and Michael, no matter how hard they try, they are not natural mover and it is obvious. For Tommy and Betsey, their performance is better this week. But we can see that Peta and Tony really trying to choose the move very careful. It affects the speed of their routine too.

The routine perform by couple (alphabetically from the first name of the pros)

1. Allison Holker and Jonathan Bennet
Allison is a very humble pro dancer. The comment from the judges on week 3 said that her choreography has less content, really push her to do better for Jonathan. This week they dance a real tango. Maybe it’s not as good as other pro’s tango, but they learn how to do it better to survive every week. I just hope with a very good bonding and spirit between them, they can survive each week challenges.

2. Cheryl Burke and Antonio Sabato Jr.
Until week 3, I have not seen any special element from Antonio. There is still no significant improvement from week to week. Meanwhile Cheryl seems work very hard to promote Antonio and to create amazing choreography. Still did not work until this week. But I have to say they suppose to have a better chance to survive compare to Michael and Emma.

3. Emma Slater and Michael Waltrip
For the third times, we all can see that Michael Waltrip has a difficulty to move his body. Even though Emma choreograph a simple routine and use props and additional dancers, I can not see he can lead Emma the way the other male celeb did. I am very surprised they still safe. Don’t get me wrong for the third time, I always thought that Emma is great, and that is includes her enthusiasm and positiveness.

4. Karina Smirnoff and Randy Couture
After last week, he seems lost in his performance, Randy come back this week with Paso Doble which requires very sharp movement. The song from ‘Rocky’ is perfect, but maybe the costume could have been a little more matching the song though. He seems hesitant and like Julianne said, seems always waiting for Karina. His confidence when he performed the foxtrot with Karina doesn’t appear this week.

5. Peta Murgatroyd and Tommy Chong
Every week I always concern whether this couple will survive or not. I have seen Peta doing the best she can do for Tommy. I don’t know whose idea is it, but taking ‘Scent of a Woman’ for the routine is a smart choice. I can imagine that the real tango must be very difficult for Tommy, but again Peta succeed to choreograph the moves for Tony. I’m glad they are safe. But the 10 from Kevin Heart as a guest judge ? I’m not fully agree with him.

6. Witney Carson and Alfonso Ribeiro
Witney is amazing, she proved herself that she deserved to be the pro dancer in this show. Her choreography is great for them who use the song from ‘Austin Power’. Alfonso perform the Quickstep well, the ballroom dance which requires a love of movement and body contact with his partner. Alfonso is an entertainer, he loves when he can entertain the audience. Somehow Witney is able to accommodate his needs. The segment when Alfonso dance with the Troupe in front of the trailer and the appearance of his son is really entertaining. But that is continue with a good performance on Quickstep. Way to go, Alfonso !

7. Artem Chigvintsev and Lea Thompson
Inspired by Lea’s movie is great. They even borrow the ‘Back to the Future’ car for the show. But what matters is when they perform, Lea still killin’ it. The jive she did last week is slightly better than this week. For overall performance, they are very entertaining and I like the chemistry they have.

8. Derek Hough and Bethany Mota
We know that Gene Kelly’s number is unique. And from the footage, also from any other social media, we also know that Derek put all of his heart to this number. They did well, but I have to agree with some people that the perfect score for them may not be right. The 40 for Derek, I agree. The 40 for the number he is doing with Bethany, may be not. The jazz number with Amy Purdy last season, which one of the Emmy nominated for Derek, that’s what I called perfection. Bethany’s facial expression is not match Derek’s. I always love the way Derek’s dance, full of passion and from the heart. Well, as I mentioned, this week is full of surprises, whether you like it or not.

9. Mark Ballas and Sadie Robertson
This cute couples, has the best costumes of the week. So simple hence so cute, you can’t even hold your smile when you see them. And when they dance, I can feel the joy. Actually I always see Mark has a very good taste of chic and elegant costume for his partner. And his choreography is always nice and entertained. With the routine from the movie UP!, I really thought that they at least get 9’s across the board. My comment is the same with everybody and Mark himself, I rely on Carrie Ann’s comment about this number is her favorite that night. But when I see 8, well, another surprise then. I still think they deserve higher scores.

10. Valentin Chmerkovskiy and Janel Parrish
This Valentin, is a Wow. I can’t imagine you have to re-choreograph the number two days before the show. And they execute it like they have been rehearsed for the whole week. Janel really has a great charisma. Every time she appears on stage, I can feel her shining. Her expression when she dances is priceless. And this week, the number is really unique. No further comment, it is perfection.

11. Tony Dovolani and Betsey Johnson
This is another surprising couple. Last week Tony did something that transformed Betsey from Hip Hop style Betsey to Lady Betsey. It works, Betsey performed nicely. This week, they perform Contemporary with the famous song from ‘Ghost’. It’s unbelievable to see her dance and do some pose that extraordinary for her to do. Same as Tommy, they both are great in a way that they are willing to push themselves to do better and believe in their partners.

My favorite routines from the couples
1. Mark Ballas and Sadie Robertson – Vienesse Waltz / Maried Life – Michael Giacchino from ‘Up’
2. Witney Carson and Alfonso Ribeiro – Quickstep / Hey Goldmember – Beyonce ft. Devin & Solange from ‘Austin Powers in Goldmember’
3. Valentin Chmerkovskiy and Janel Parrish – Jazz / America – Leonard Bernstein from ‘West Side Story’
4. Derek Hough and Bethany Mota – Jazz / Singin’ in the Rain – Gene Kelly from ‘Singin’ in the Rain’

My favorite routine from the pros
Opening number with the judges

Reflection from week 3
1. From the beginning of the show, I notice one similar thing from all the pros. They know the rehearsal will be very tough and hard, but they always emphasize one important thing to their celeb partner : just have fun with it. In other words, you do your best when you perform, but don’t think about winning, just dance with your heart and the audience will see you shining. It is the important lesson of life, do everything with your heart.
2. We know about ‘The Show Must Go On’. It is easy to say but it is not easy to execute. Look at the ankle injury of Bethany Mota or Val who got call from the producers just a few days before the show informed him about the legal issue of choreography. If they want, especially the celebs, they may decide to withdraw with all the injury or the chaos in rehearsal schedule. But both the pros and the celeb partners decided to move on and have fun with it. Amazing attitude.